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Hear testimonials from those that have attended our Workshops and Programs

Monica invited my 4 year old granddaughter to a tea party.  To my surprise it turned out to be a social gathering with learning experiences that would span her adulthood and beyond a tea social.  The tea party turned out to be an etiquette lesson.  All I could think was "how others who failed to bring their kids had missed out."  Little girls in brimmed straw hats and gloves and little boys in top hats, what a playful sight, but even better, what a sight to them understand and practice being thankful, kind and mannerly to each other.  Thank you TAS' Place.  RDE-Clinton, MD 


TAS' Place is a stellar non profit organization servicing young people. Ms. Swann has taken old school values and infused them to a new generation. With those old school values and the new skills they are learning in the various program and workshops....our kids can't help but to be SUCCESSFUL. Thank you and keep up the good work! R. Stanley


TAS' Place is one of the top notch nonprofits in Southern MD. From the etiquette/tea parties to the entrepreneurial inspired seminars, this organization is sure to support the community via many diverse methods. The founder, Ms. Monica Swann, is very organized and thorough with the programs. I am more than happy to assist whenever I can, as well as bring both my daughter AND my son to any of the events. Keep up the good work, TAS' Place!  Tonya. McCray, Waldorf, MD

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